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CSE Project examples

We are a design, development and manufacturing company providing diverse bespoke machine solutions.

The following case studies illustrate some of our typical projects.

Glass tube used in a needleless injection device


We were approached by a leading UK consultancy to work with them to develop the manufacturing, inspection and automated handling of a glass vial used in a needless injection device for a pharmaceutical company developing a breakthrough product.

All the glass handling and processing automation was designed, built and developed in house.

An example of the range of equipment built includes:

  • Automated device tray loading system
  • Tube loading carousel
  • Multi-station glass forming system
  • Automated tube flame polishing and inspection stations

Adhesive Tube And Two Part Cartridge

Adhesive tube cartridge

- Filling And Handling Systems.

We were approached to develop an automated handling system to fill cartridges with adhesive, insert  pistons then convey the filled product  through automated measurement, labelling systems and then via a conveyor to a  packaging machine.

The system included:

  • Bowl feeding piston handling systems
  • Automated Piston insertion mechanisms.
  • Piston depth measurement
  • Cartridge handling and puck transfer conveyor systems
  • Carousel cartridge loading

Paper products

Paper product

- Pulping production enhancements and development

We were approached by a company wanting to develop the basic production principles of paper based containers.

We worked with them and developed several patented new unique techniques, substantially reducing the basic cost of thermo formed paper containers.

The scope included:

  • Pulp production tooling development
  • Hydro-dynamic drying techniques
  • Unique forced thermal moisture extraction
  • High speed moulding transfer systems

PCR Tube Capping System

PCR Tubes

A company recently contacted us with a request to semi-automate the inductive heat sealing of PCR tubes.

They were manually sealing PCR tubes individually, but soon realised that to achieve the batch quantities they needed for product trials, they would have to semi- automate the process. The other constraints were that they had only a little time to produce the first batch of tubes, but they also needed to keep the proven methods of production identical to the manual method.

We built a semi-automated PCR capping system in 6 weeks, integrating the inductive cap heat-sealing module with a tray handling and tube pick, place and weld system.

The system included:

  • An x-y –z positioning system
  • Precision thin laminate foil punch
  • Precision cap placement
  • Tray conveying and handling system

External link to TwistDX website.

Ink-jet Printing Applications

Inkjet machine

We are continually being asked to integrate  ink-jet or laser printers, to print or code specific products and components. One typical application was to print an identification panel number onto a 2.5M x 1.25M sheet board.

The board was presented horizontally onto a table, the ink-jet head was mounted onto an x-y servo-motor driven slide system which then applied the identification code to the panel in multiple positions at the pre-set positions set by the operator.

The system included:

  • An x-y positioning system
  • A touch screen operator interface
  • A board conveyor and alignment jig
  • An inkjet printer control interface

The whole system was designed, built, commissioned and installed at the client’s premises within 10 weeks.

Contact us with any enquiries you may have, we will be happy to assist.

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